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Debra Garrett

Gardian Angel BearWhen I was a little girl, my favorite teddy bear was pink with a white tummy. Ever since then, I have had some kind of collection of teddy bears. My collections were due in part to my enjoyment of bears, but also because my last name was "Bear". That is how the name Bear Family Gifts was born. Using a business name that incorporated my maiden name with my product was a play on words I couldn’t resist.

Graduation BearWhat started as a collection developed into the making of teddy bear gifts as baby gifts and wedding gifts for others. It was so much fun, I started creating different themes, using my needlework talents to add personalization. I think the personalization is what makes my teddy bear gifts somewhat unique in a vast market of teddy bears. I also started doing customized themes by request of my early patrons. This was a challenge that I have come to enjoy very much, as I always learn something new with each custom order.

My children, one girl and two boys ranging in age from 8 to 13 have suggested and inspired themes and helped refine the product. They are my best critics and customers!! My husband helps keep the computer going so my business has truly become a family affair.

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